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TreasuryXpress: On-demand TMS experience for treasury

Key timing points
0:25 Objective in setting up TreasuryXpress
1:12 TreasuryXpress global reach
2:26 New treasury delivery model
4:12 Why not build everything from scratch, instead use the best of everything
5:59 Working with other providers, e.g. FX, etc
7:50 Putting together a solution for a global MNC
8:54 Closing remarks: Impact of the on-demand treasury

TreasuryXpress use the very latest technology to deliver a business model that is very different from the other TMS suppliers. They deliver a flexible and highly scalable TMS model known as On-Demand Treasury Management.

Powered by Cloud services and API protocols, TreasuryXpress has transformed the old way of system integration and implementation where treasury teams would have to wait months or sometimes years for new integrations and functionality to be completed and released to them.

The On-Demand Treasury model has the potential to deliver the shortest implementation times as compared to traditional Cloud or legacy installed TMS providers – allowing corporate treasury teams with the ability to access and leverage the most capable specialized functionality all in one integrated solution that is most relevant to their needs.

The WEBchat covers:

1. The objective in settling up TreasuryXpress 

2. TreasuryXpress global reach and the common corporate treasury problems worldwide 

3. How on-demand treasury works

4. How technology is changing the role of TMS.

Learn how the use of modern technology provides a whole new corporate treasury systems experience.

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