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TreasuryXpress shows future of TMS: no implementation fees + online APP store

TreasuryXpress, a provider  on-demand treasury management solutions today announced the next phase of its frictionless technology strategy by eliminating implementation fees for its treasury management solution, C2Treasury Lite™. This plus their Online store show the future of TMS solutions

Removing barriers and strategic vision

Aimed at removing traditional barriers associated with automating treasury operations for mid-sized companies. C2Treasury Lite provides enterprise-level cash visibility and forecasting, liquidity management, and self-service custom reporting capabilities. TreasuryXpress have been able to remove implementation fees for C2Treasury Lite clients because  of “enhanced product development methodologies and continued optimization of the company’s innovative Cloud technology stack.”

“The TreasuryXpress product portfolio was strategically built on next generation cloud technology (Microsoft Azure).  Using the benefits of the cloud and frictionless technology ourselves, we are able to effectively and securely roll out new product innovations and capabilities more quickly than any other TMS provider,” says Anis Rahal, CEO of TreasuryXpress.  “With this innovation, we have been able to economically scale the delivery experience for our clients in every part of the world.  As a result, we have now reached a threshold where we can pass along those economies to our C2Treasury Lite clients.”

Online store

In addition to their suite Treasury Management Systems, C2Treasury and C2Treasury Lite, TreasuryXpress also offers a-la-carte products and APIs for treasury and finance professionals through the TreasuryXpress Online Store.  Most recently, TreasuryXpress launched their payments API, Payment+ which converts ERP payment files into bank-ready ISO20022 Customer Initiation message payments.  Payment+ can be used directly by corporate treasurers or by ERP, Payment, and TMS providers to enhance their client’s bank formatting operations.

Market impact

TreasuryXpress has experienced triple digit year over year over last year as it focused on delivering advanced treasury and financial software that are easy to afford and implement,. With an average of four new clients per week, TreasuryXpress believe that “clients are largely selecting TreasuryXpress for depth of capability, breadth of offerings, and overall ease of purchase and implementation.” Rahal believes that, “Often the selection and buying process for treasurers is long and drawn out because they are forced to justify extraordinarily expensive implementation project fees and lengthy project timelines. We’ve eliminated those barriers.  We designed to make it easy for clients to automate and scale their treasury operations.”

CTMfile take: TreasuryXpress focuses on mid-market treasuries who, theoretically, have simpler requirements and are used to adjusting their operations to fit the functionality in the TMS system. While large corporate treasury departments typically say to TMS providers, “Adapt your system to fit our needs or no sale.,” which brings with it long and expensive implementations. However, there are now some important examples of large corporate treasury departments buying simpler TMS solutions and adjusting their corporate treasury model to fit the functionality in the TMS. TreasuryXpress have shown the future of TMS solutions: download the new functionality when you need it (maybe just for the short period needed?) combined with no implementation fees. OK we are not there yet, but that is the future.

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