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USA Payments: 37 days to ACH same day funds availablity and standards initiative

NACHA is one of the major forces driving payment systems development in the US setting targets and supporting major initiatives.

US same day ACH payments numbers

Same Day ACH debit and credit transactions totaled 15.2 million in December, an increase of 51 percent over November’s volume, according to NACHA data:

Source & Copyright©2018 - NACHA

This growth is expected to continue according to their recent survey of NACHA’s member financial institutions who expect to see an increase in Same Day ACH transaction volume in the coming months:

Source & Copyright©2018 - NACHA 

Improving the service

NACHA have been driving a number of programmes to improve and standardise the performance of their Same Day ACH service. The latest target is to make all same day ACH funds available by 5pm. NACHA have set their members a deadline of mid-March to comply.

Online Community to Support Standardization of Payments

NACHA —the Electronic Payments Association’s API Standardization Industry Group (ASIG) and Accenture are collaborating to identify, develop and launch a community of application program interface (API) resources, including a microsite and developer portal, to support API standardization across the payments ecosystem.

The goal is to help the financial industry and developer community learn about and develop solutions by collaborating to ask questions, get support and share ideas. 

Late last year, ASIG identified 16 APIs that that they expect will have an immediate impact on the payments ecosystem and financial services industry. From the 16, the Group prioritized five for initial focus, which will help reduce risk, drive efficiencies, increase access and improve security among industry participants. 

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