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Use of ISO20022 message reporting standards spreading as Hanse Orga adds CAMT to their Account State

The usage of the ISO20022 standards and the new CAMT bank account reporting standards will be boosted by the introduction of SEPA, as they provide standardised formats for companies as well as further information. Hanse Orga has developed the SAP-integrated Account Statement Manager so that companies can process the new CAMT formats effectively. Specifically, the file formats CAMT.053.001.02 national Germany, CAMT.053.001.03 international, BAI2 and MT940/MT942 are supported. For the processing of CAMT formats, it is possible to convert them into MT940 file formats.

In addition, the new software allows the import of account statements in the different formats into a Hanse Orga-specific meta structure. In this meta structure, the account statement items can be enriched with further information. Subsequently, the items can be splitted following company-specific requirements, regrouped and routed by company codes, accounts, etc. In this way, all entities of a group receive the  information relevant to them in a reliable manner and in real time. Additional functionalities include, for example, a technical plausibility check of formats, the logical validation of account statement information, and the filtering and logging of erroneous account statements as well as a display of all statements.

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