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Using AI: Managing Credit Risk

Key timing points
0:36 Why credit risk management is so different
3:22 What is needed in credit risk
4:27 Company databases accessed
6:07 Sharing with the Financial Institution
7:11 Pilot stage
7:26 DEMO
7:44 Individual credit decisions
10:58 Portfolio model decisions

CTMfile take: It is early days in the development of complex AI models, indeed some experts argue that this is not true AI yet. But example definitely shows how extra data can be used in making more effective managing credit risk decisions.

Igor Zaks, President and CEO of TenzorAI, explains how they have used lots more data in their new credit risk management model. Currently, TenzorAI is testing a new solution which brings all the dimensions of credit risk management together for the credit manager, the corporate treasurer and CFO, and for the institution providing the finance.

The WEBchat covers:

1. The three levels of modelling credit risk:

  • Buyer-level models
  • Portfolio models
  • Financing models

2. Single client deployment of the TenzorAI Engine at a supplier

3. DEMO of how the model is used to make individual customer credit decisions and how to manage the portfolio of credit risks.

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