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Webinars to help you thrive in treasury

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get,” said Warren Buffett, and real value is what webinars can offer, enriching the audience with in-depth information in an interactive and engaging way.

Reading (books), listening (podcasts) and watching (webinars) are imperatives for becoming an extraordinary treasury leader. They not only help treasury professionals develop critical thinking, but also enable them to deeply explore treasury issues from multiple perspectives.

We have published articles that collated a list of treasury management books and treasury podcasts to help cash and treasury management executives expand their knowledge about a range of treasury topics and stay on top of their field. However, to reap the benefits of adaptive learning, simplified data-rich insights, and personalized experiences with treasury experts, we suggest treasury practitioners sign up for the webinars that feature in this article.

Here's our compiled list of treasury webinars that you can register for and attend live. Alternatively, you can watch or review recorded webinars at your convenience. These webinars are not ranked in order of preference:


Treasury Tuesdays Webinars

The Treasury Tuesdays Webinar by HighRadius is a binge-worthy mini webinar series featuring tips and insights for corporate treasury leaders and professionals from treasury practitioners, consultants and solution experts.


Strategic Treasurer’s Webinars

Carefully crafted to provide informative and engaging content to treasury and finance professionals, Strategic Treasurer's long-running mission to advise and inform the treasury community comes to bear in their regularly-running webinars. Backed by extensive treasury consulting and research experience, Strategic Treasurer’s webinars have built a massive audience of treasury and finance professionals who enjoy data-intensive, interactive and informative analysis.*


Kyriba Webinars

The Kyriba webinar series takes a deep-dive into a variety of trending treasury topics and explores how cloud technology solutions can help organizations accelerate business performance and protect their financial resources.


Treasury Webinars

Over the past three years, Treasury Webinars has delivered thought leadership webinars that help treasury, AP, AR and finance professionals to take ownership of their careers by executing and leading better and by building and owning their professional brands.


The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) Webinars


Led by the ACT's Policy and Technical experts, ACT webinars give direction on regulatory change and key treasury concerns. Over the last four years, the ACT has produced over 40 sponsored audio and video webinars – giving the treasury community technical content and allowing sponsors to demonstrate their technical knowledge and thought leadership.


Treasury 360 Webinar Series

The Treasury 360 Webinar Series by EuroFinance is built keeping treasury and cash management teams in mind. The webinar brings corporate treasurers fresh insights and ideas from around the world. Watch this webinar series to learn how your peers are navigating this unprecedented time.



Webinars provide treasury experts an opportunity to speak directly to their audience in a more personal way and offer actionable takeaways, and for the audience to ask questions and get a range of opinions in real time.

Watch webinars to discover new treasury perspectives and solutions to upskill, interact with treasury pundits, grow your network, improve your communication and presentation skills, and more – all from your office, the comfort of your home, or anywhere else that works for you. Remember, attending a webinar has a lot of advantages, the most important being that it adds value to your career and to the value you provide to others.

*Disclaimer: CTMfile is owned by Strategic Treasurer.

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