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What is a TMS? ‘S’ for solution NOT system

Technology and systems development are driving the traditional treasury management system in all sorts of directions. The TMS solutions are increasingly based on a cloud server somewhere. A simplistic way of grouping the different types of system shows what is happening:

  • The ‘do-everything’ systems including:
    • OpenLink  
    • FIS’s Quantum
    • Wall Suite
  • The cloud based solutions which started as quite simple corporate treasury solutions, that have grown and grown with new functionality and partnerships, for example:
    • Kyriba: now provides quite advanced solutions in risk management, supplier finance, payment factory and fraud prevention
    • Bellin also provide an expanding range of different solutions, now including a global Virtual Bank
    • Reval which started as a FASB risk based solution and now covers most of main corporate treasury functions + a number of strategic partnerships, e.g. Fides 
  • Basic cash and payment management systems that have added functionality and partners:
    • TIS who have a range of parters to increase the range of functionlity they cover
    • GTreasury who have users world-wide and have added a global partnership with Visual Risk
    • Access Pay’s BankSense solution
  • Fintech suppliers who are revolutionizing the economics of the TMS:
    • TreasuryXpress whose new business model and use of API’s is changing how corporate treasury department think about TMS. 

What TMS do you need?

With the huge number of treasury management systems available today, the starting point has to be what solution do you need today and over the next 10 years. To answer this question, corporate treasury departments need to ask themselves two vital questions:

  1. What is our vision and what are our main objectives and tasks ?
  2. What treasury solutions will we need and when? 

CTMfile take:  The starting point for solving the TMS problem is to think solutions NOT systems.

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