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What is your adoption of Bank Services Billing standards? PLEASE complete survey

On behalf of TWIST Standards and other interested parties, Rebdridge Debt & Treasury Advisory is conducting a survey to improve understanding of the adoption of the bank service billing (BSB) standard. BSB is a message standard providing billing statements of bank charges to their wholesale clients. BSB is supported by a increasing number of banks as providers, and used by a growing number of corporates to account for and evaluate bank fees.  

Three related surveys have been developed to capture the capabilities and intersects of three separate groups: banks, corporates and financial application providers. 

New BSB surveys

Participants in previous surveys have come from all over the globe. TWIST invite you to participate in this new study before it closes  on May 15th. Completing the survey should take approximately fifteen minutes.

The new surveys are available for:

  • corporates – click link here - where you will be asked to register to receive an email with links to the survey.
  • banks - click here for document - which contains instructions for submission of the completed survey at the end of the survey document
  • financial application providers - click here for document - which also contains instructions for submission of the completed survey.

Tom Buschman, TWIST’s CEO writes, “Thank you in advance for your participation. Please feel free to contact me (at: tom.buschman@twiststandards.org) with any questions or other suggestions.”

(For each completed questionnaire, Redbridge will donate $15 to the United Nations Children’s Fund to support its work in helping children across the world.)

Publication of results

Results of the survey will be published in the BSB Newsletter.  Survey participants will receive the results once the survey closes and the analysis has been completed. Respondents will remain anonymous, reported in aggregate only, unless you indicate a willingness that your responses (and support for BSB) to be made public.

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