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What should you read to keep up-to-date and understand what is happening? Simple. READ EVERYTHING….

So you think that your Google search will reveal all that has been published on the web about a particular topic, e.g. type in “RPA” and you‘d see every item on RPA, right? Wrong. Standard search engines such as Google access less than 2% of the entire web (called the Surface Web) and hence only returns around 230 results. AMPLYFI, however, with its specialist Deep Web search engine searches for all documents that have been published. For “RPA” it returns over 10,000 items in just a few seconds. Leave its web crawlers running longer and it would find even more content. But, with far more information than you would get using a standard search engine now at your fingertips, how do you make sense of it all?

Welcome to the world of Business Intelligence 4.0 – a new phenomenon that is becoming increasingly important as technology and geo-political risks develop in multiple directions simultaneously.

Business intelligence 4.0

Business intelligence has traditionally consisted of large teams of internal analysts, experts, consultants, etc. Insight is often skewed by human biases and prejudices, as well as being very slow and expensive. No wonder companies have been trying to develop new tools to solve these problems.

AMPLYFI was founded in 2015 to solve the problem of traditional business intelligence depending on sources that everyone has access to, have limited coverage, are often riddled with inaccuracies and are out of date. This results in an echo chamber with a low chance of identifying unknown emerging topics. AMPLYFI solve this problem by unlocking the entire internet, bringing together structured data from sources such as Companies House with unstructured data. This delivers, as Daniel James, Chief Product Officer at AMPLYFI put it, “Actionable intelligence derived from a single source of truth that directly addresses what customers actually need.”

Source & Copyright©2020 – AMPLYFI

It uses its proprietary Deep Web crawlers with unparalleled data connectivity to unlock data from a multitude of sources to provide unique insights. As shown below:

Source & Copyright©2020 – AMPLYFI

A key feature of this approach is how AMPLYFI analyses the connections between entities within large structured data sets, e.g. companies, directors, investors, and shareholders, and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment this with analysis of unstructured data held in reports, online forums, blogs, academic papers, legislature, patents, industry journals, etc.

See example below of key topics from a simple search: “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data”

Source & Copyright ©2020 -

Exploiting the new data and insights

AMPLYFI has produced the world’s first Surface and Deep Web search engine, DeepResearch, which uncovers far more sites and documents than Google. It then uses AI to interrogate them to extract the leading topics. Whilst this tool provides invaluable everyday internet research, it is when combined with AMPLYFI’s other analytical tools that users gain an unparalleled understanding of the bigger picture, enabling them to proactively monitor global activity and trends on an on-going basis. AMPLYFI provides three tools to deliver this level of in-depth analysis:

  • DataVoyant Analyse is a deep analytical tool that automatically identifies historic and future trends, where its activity is most concentrated globally, and which companies and people are driving them.
  • Stream provides fully customisable, real-time monitoring dashboards for tracking industries, sectors or organisations of interest across global news sources, social media, financial datasets, global statistics databases etc., see example below:

    Source & Copyright ©2020 - AMPLYFI
  • DataVoyant Companies combines all structured and unstructured data points to allow users to carry out customer segmentation, prospecting, KYC/AML and identify risks and opportunities critical for investment and strategic decision making.

Use cases

In financial services, AMPLYFI’s products have been used in a wide range of projects such as:

  • Customer Facing: prospecting, identify growth opportunities, relationship management, customer segmentation etc.
  • Risk management: credit underwriting; customer on-boarding (KYC/KYB), customer due diligence, holistic portfolio management, AML analysis, etc.
  • Strategy and marketing: business threats and opportunities, asset distribution, competitor intelligence, marketing planning and brand perception, etc.
  • Future Disruption: peer-to-peer insurance within the access economy.

CTMfile take: AMPLYFI is changing business intelligence in so many ways:

1)  Corporates are now able to make sense of the wealth of structured and unstructured data that they have amassed, so now the issues include: Are you asking the right questions? What really is important? What doesn’t really matter?

2) How do the structured data providers compete with AMPLYFI or do they just have to rely on being mere providers of approved data?

3) Is the problem now that there are NO unknowns (except what is the cost of not updating your current business intelligence)??

One thing is for sure: this is a revolution, but where it is going to end up?



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