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Your Working Capital Forum Europe 2022 Registration Discount Code

Working Capital Forum Europe 2022 Registration Discount Code

Working capital management, while always both complicated and important, has arguably become even more so in recent years. From supply chain snarls and interest rate hikes to tightened liquidity and volatility, many industries are having to rethink how they approach their working capital. Rethinking often leads to innovation, both in corporate practice and in vendor solutions, and this year’s Working Capital Forum will provide space for discussing and considering possibilities and leading practices for today’s working capital management.

The Forum, taking place in Amsterdam on December 1st this year, gathers experts on working capital management from multiple different industries and sectors, bringing together perspectives and allowing practitioners and providers to put their heads together and learn how to best deal with the challenges.

Speakers include bankers, economists, supply chain finance experts, leaders of consultancies (including Craig Jeffery, Founder and Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer*) and solution providers, as well as treasurers and other corporate practitioners. Sessions will explore the current environment, evolutions in supply chain finance, and innovations and practices for navigating the disruption. You'll also have the chance to learn from experts like supply chain guru Prof. Bram de Smet, economist Menno Middeldorp, journalist Duncan Mavin, and see live demos of the latest technologies for cash forecasting, dynamic discounting and supply chain data integration.

For more information on the event or to view the full agenda, please visit For those interested in attending, the following links allow for discounted registration.

Corporates (free):   STWCF22CG
Vendors (25% off): STWCF2225

*Disclaimer: Strategic Treasurer owns CTMfile.

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