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Zumbox Digital Postal Mail cuts cost of consumer billing

Zumbox, the Californian based service company, creates a digital mailbox for every street address in a country. So companies can send bills and marketing material via Zumbox. The consumer opens them, and they look like scanned versions of the real paper bills. The Zumbox site will let the consumer look at a variety of media in the form of HTML, Flash, audio, and video. Nonprofit businesses, government entities and consumers can use it for free. Marketing companies and billers are charged.

For the consumer, all post can be easily managed and is stored securely for free:

Source & Copyright©2012 - Zumbox

Zumbox work with mailing companies to deliver a digital version of the mail they already send. This is done automatically, at the same time the document is created for printing:

Source & Copyright©2012 - Zumbox

The service has been operational in the US since 2010 and already 73% of households are online through Zumbox. In addition, they have developed partnerships with several mailing companies, including DST Output, govdelivery, Kubra. Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment suppliers, including Cash Cycle Solutions and TransCentra, have incorporated Zumbox into their solutions.

Companies already sending their postal mail online in the USA include American Express, AT T and Verizon. In July 2011, New Zealand Post announced a licensing agreement with Zumbox for secure digital delivery, management and storage of postal mail.

Zumbox is emerging as an important way to cut the cost of mail and billing.

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