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11 ways you can personally combat climate change

On Friday, 13 federal agencies issued a major report stating that climate change is a threat to Americans’ health and the country’s economic well-being. Yesterday, MarketWatch published this article: "From solar panels to changing your diet — 11 ways you can combat climate change." asking “What can you do to help the planet?” The 11 ways MW suggested are:

  1. Solar-power your home with and without panels
  2. Watch your thermostat and shut off your lights
  3. Don’t paint your roof green, paint it white
  4. Car-share or just take public transportation
  5. Stick to one bag for your groceries (forever)
  6. Recycle, and be mindful of what you throw out
  7. Lobby your school to stop using foam cafeteria trays
  8. Bike to work and advocate for greener transportation
  9. Embrace dietary changes and skip avocado toast
  10. Stay green at the office and unplug your computer
  11. Avoid the SUV and, if you must, take nonstop flights

CTMfile take: If we don’t do things like this, we will make Earth uninhabitable. According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe.” 

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