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2018 forecast for payments and commerce

Inevitably when you ask 40 leaders to write something about what to expect in 2018 the quality and level of interest will vary, nevertheless, ones worth reading in the PYMNTS eBook on 2018 are:

  • “Cross-border payments become invisible” - Mark Frey, Cambridge Global Payments
  • “The password becomes the person”- Douglas Hartung, Diebod Nixdorf
  • “Global payments go vertical — and become seamless” - Mike Massaro, flywire
  • “The Instant Money Economy Takes Off” - Drew Edwards, INGO
  • “‘Global local’ becomes a priority” - Brian Billingsley, modo
  • “Anything can and will transact” - Dave Barrowman, skava
  • “Consumer verification gets invisible” - Zac Cohen. Trulioo
  • “Unattended Retail Takes Center Stage” - Maeve Mckenna Duska, USA Technologies

CTMfile take: These articles are worth a browse on your commute.

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