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Best EuroFinance International line up ever of topics and speakers?

It is the 26th EuroFinance annual conference on INTERNATIONAL TREASURY MANAGEMENT in Barcelona next month. Every year they say that, “Treasury is at a tipping point, and that corporate treasurers should attend to understand what is happening”. And then the EuroFinance team set themselves an equally impossible task, to scour the world to assemble the best line up of speakers ever. Well this time, they seem to be right on both counts:

  • Dramatic changes in technology, continuing change in regulations, turbulent macro-economic and socio-political conditions plus the horrific climate changes have created a real tipping point in corporate treasury 
  • The speaker line-up really is impressive in quality and depth.

All cash management banks and many suppliers have to go, but do corporate treasurers and their teams need to? Many corporate treasury departments go “every now and then” to “keep up to speed”, but this year is different. Maybe this time they need to attend. The topics are vital and who can resist this line up of speakers? (But, as always, the EuroFinance web-site has some wonderful OTT claims, e.g. “Welcome to the world's leading international treasury event. The sophistication, level of expertise and networking is unrivalled by any other event of its kind.” This time don’t be put off, read on.) 


The theme of the 26th gathering is THE INTELLIGENT TREASURY, some of the topics and streams that stand out include:

  • Will Treasury Be Freed Or Terminated?
  • Banking 4.0: Will Your Bank Make It?
  • Streams:
    • Treasury and the SSC
    • The intelligent treasury: the intersection of treasury and the business
    • A day in the life of best practice treasuries
    • Front and centre for risk management
    • Treasury and technology: march of the machines
  • Workshop: The complex countries
  • The treasury lab “imagining the future today

(See full list here.)


The all star line up of speakers has:

  • Big picture thinkers: nine of them from universities, IMF and robotics labs
  • Best practice treasury teams including: Shell, Trelleborg, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon and many others presenting 50+ case studies
  • Fintech speakers from Bit.on, LiquidX, Loanboox, Swipezoom, Wave, etc.

It is the quality and number of speakers that excites. 

CTMfile take: This year, more than ever before at EuroFinance International, corporate treasury departments will be double booked on important sessions they would like to go to. A team of 2-3 people is needed to properly cover the event. Nice one EuroFinance.

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