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Cash Flow Forecasting with TFM. Simplifying complexity and reach

For a huge company which has operations world-wide, a major problem is actually bringing all the cash position information and cash flow forecasts together. To solve this problem Treamo has developed a (Microsoft Azure) 'Software-as-a-Service' (SaaS) cloud-based application for cash flow forecasting AND cash position reporting called Treamo Finance Monitor (TFM). The large-scale database platform manages all the different aspects of cash position reporting and cash flow forecasting.

TFM database and set-up

The database holds all (historical) data with all modifications, e.g. to forecasting templates, being immediately available to all users. TFM has interfaces to the major ERP and TMS systems. Other systems and group subsidiaries can be rapidly connected if required for to collect account balances, cash flows, etc.

TFM is a cloud based solution which can go live in just a few hours from signing the service agreement. Master data can be imported in a few minutes via pre-configured interfaces.

TFM cash position reporting

TFM brings together all the bank balance and transaction report data with the internal balances to give a real-time position for the whole company, as the screenshot below shows:

Source & Copyright©2016 - Treamo 

TFM cash flow forecasts 

TFM brings together all the forecasts from around the company to provide the standard cash flow forecast for the whole group, see screenshot below:

Source & Copyright©2016 - Treamo

The flexibility of the TFM database facilitates quick and easy: currency translations, data aggregation at any level, plausibility and data completeness checks, and almost any combination of reporting.

TFM Costs

There is a low setup fee to cover installation and then a montly service fee/entity or subsidiary. There is no charge for the number of end users. Treamo claim that, “The ramp-up costs are less than you would expect.”

TFM users

There are currently five users of TFM, with a range of 10 to 200 subsidiaries.

Carsten Paris, former CEO of ICT Innovative Components Technologies, commented,  "For our group-wide cash flow forecasting we needed a solution which was simple and, first and foremost, possible to implement speedily. TFM was the perfect solution - rapid deployment in the Cloud, a user interface that is intuitive to use and many practical features which simplify our daily work. Regardless of where we were, my colleagues and I had access to all of the group's most important financial data. This is why TFM has had quickly become an indispensible management tool for us. ..."

CTMfile take: For large groups, it is the data collection and handling in cash position reporting and cash flow forecasting that stops any group wide solution being adopted. TFM could be the solution……

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