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Consumer-type banking for multinational corporations

The reality that, “Consumer behaviour tends to migrate to businesses as well, as business people expect/demand the same level and type of service they receive in their consumer products”, is becoming clearer day-by-day. Companies in the corporate treasury space that build on this reality, are reaping rewards globally because their services are so much more intuitive to use.


BELLIN’s GTB Hub app is a classic example of consumer type banking for SME’s-to-global MNCs, providing (working closely with SWIFT) the following services:

  • FIND-YOUR-BANK: Looking to expand internationally and seeking a new banking partner? Search our complete, worldwide directory of 1 million + banks and access basic branch information, etc. With GTB Hub Premium, you can go one step further with bank relationship management including access to BICs, national IDs and standard settlement instructions (SSIs), powered by SWIFTRef Data. Always stay up to date with push notifications when your bank makes a change.
  • RATE-YOUR-BANK: You wish you had a way to recommend a trusted banking partner? You’re looking to extend your banking portfolio? You’re wondering if you’re missing out on a particular service? Find out how your peers have fared and tell others about your trusted partners. Share your view and consult the experience of the corporate community in our banking rating feature.
  • FOLLOW-YOUR-BANK: Save all the banks you are following to “My Banks” and always have an overview and receive push notifications on any changes including contact details, as well as new products. With GTB Hub Premium, you can receive push notifications on changes to bank master data, such as bank SSIs.  
  • VERIFY-YOUR-SUPPLIER (due December 2017): Increase fraud protection with Verify-Your-Supplier 2-Factor Verification and check your suppliers’ account master data. You will be able to verify first hand if any changes communicated to you are genuine, allowing you to nip any fraud attempts in the bud. All you need is a VAT ID or LEI and the account details to start the validation.

Features in development

BELLIN say that in 2018 that they plan to release a facility to make use of the new SWIFT GPI platform to track payments:

  • TRACK-YOUR-PAYMENTS: Based on SWIFT gpi, you can track cross-border payments throughout the entire payment chain in your GTB Hub app. Your banks participating in our service offering assign a unique tracking ID linked to the payment transaction, and the BELLIN Payment Tracker will show you the current status of the payment at any one time. 

CTMfile take: This type of corporate banking app (it won’t be the first, others are working on similar Apps as GPI was the breakthrough that many had been waiting for) will change the relationships with banks who will find that “all-of-a-sudden” their corporate customers will be of common mind and will understand, more clearly what they want. 

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