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CTMfile picks out the 12 AFP sessions you won’t want to miss (UPDATED)

The Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) is holding its annual event in Chicago, 4-7 November. For many, welcome reception on Sunday evening marks the official start of the conference – this year the reception is held in one of Chicago's historic buildings, the Revel Motor Row. But registration at the event opens from Saturday morning, with workshops throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Sessions start in earnest on Monday morning, with a mix of keynote speeches (including leadership tips from 'legendary NFL quarterback' Peyton Manning) and a choice of tracks on seven different topics: Payments, Treasury Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, Risk Management, Retirement Plans & Benefits, Capital Markets & Investments and Career Development.

The programme this year is huge and it will take considerable organisational skill to navigate and choose the sessions and events you most want to attend. Here are some of the programme's highlights:

Monday & Tuesday 9.30: Combining Big Data & A.I. (CashForce booth #246)

How to produce accurate Cash Forecasting & Dynamic Working Captial Management. Learn how the synergy of ActualizeConsulting and CashForce can help you reach your Working Capital Management and Cash Flow Forecasting goals and objectives.

Monday 8:30: Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Treasury: Added Value?

Google treasury manager Elmer Dispo provides a perspective on how to drive a big data and AI strategy to create opportunities in your operations.

Monday 08:30: Creating a Global T&E Card Program While Leveraging Enhanced Technology and Capabilities

Treasury professionals Ashley Eckelberg and Lynda Johnson talk about how Harley-Davidson transformed its decentralised T&E card programme – with 13 different card providers over five countries – into one Global T&E Card Program, covering 28 countries for 3,200 employees.

Monday 10:30: Shared Services: Role in Treasury's Evolving Value Chain

Kristen Michaud, treasury operations managing director at General Electric, discusses how a shared service centre can ring-fence risk, strengthen cash controls, enhance daily routines and reduce process inefficiencies.

Monday 10:30 The Power from Within: A New Way of Reviewing Bank Fees

Treasury speakers from FedEx and Lockton are joined by GTreasury's Stacey Gilmore to talk about bank fees. Use your account analysis statements to streamline banking procedures, uncover inefficiencies throughout your organization, and decrease expenses just by reexamining your banking fees in a different manner.

Monday 10:30: Mind the (Yield) Gap: Corporate Cash Strategies for Rising Rate Environments

A panel of speakers from Treasury Partners and Garmin International look at some of the alternative strategies to balance portfolios and capture higher yields in light of recent rate increases and volatility.

Monday 16:00: Seeing Beyond the Horizon

David Watt, treasury director at Uber, is joined by speakers from Citi and Redbridge Analytics, to take the audience through how Uber worked with its banking and software partners and used the new 2018 AFP Global Service Codes to gain insight and visibility into its cash management banks spanning 57 countries.

Monday 16:00: Modernizing Retail: Eyeing the Cost of Payments

Treasury and payments professionals from Airbnb and Starbucks discuss an array of innovative acceptance tools such as dynamic debit routing, PINless capabilities, creative currency and cross-border solutions, direct-to-issuer partnerships, faster funding, as well as active monitoring of network fees and downgrades.

Tuesday 10:30: Achieving Treasury Centralization Goals with Virtual Account Management

Treasury and cash management professionals from Caterpillar, Omnicom Capital, JP Morgan Chase and Turner Broadcasting System discuss one of the biggest challenges for treasury professionals: managing a large number of physical bank accounts across a decentralised structure.

Tuesday 14:00: Everyday Blockchain: What Corporate Treasury Learned from Bitcoin

Speakers from Bloomberg and Fluor Corporation explore the key concepts about bitcoin in this two-part session. Starting with a basic explanation of the technology, the session goes on to examine how the modern corporation can benefit.

Wednesday 08:30: Has Basel III Killed the Notional Pool?

Groupon's assistant treasurer, Eric DeLau, explores some of the key considerations when evaluating whether a notional pool is the right fit, as well as the management of internal partners and banking providers when the company implemented its notional pooling structure.

Wednesday 09:45: Overcoming Pitfalls in Cross Border Payments

ChildFund International's global treasurer, Sassan Parandeh, looks at solutions for overcoming common pitfalls in cross-border payments, including hidden costs, compliance requirements, hard currency versus local currency, cryptocurrencies, and selections of international payment providers.

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