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Deutsche Bank receives approval for China Type-A Lead Underwriting Licence

Deutsche Bank has welcomed the announcement by China’s National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII) to grant Deutsche Bank (China) the Type-A Lead Underwriting Licence (Foreign Banks).

The Type-A Lead Underwriting Licence (Foreign Banks) is a full licence for debt financing instruments by non-financial enterprises in the China interbank bond market, applicable for underwriting debt issuance by both local and foreign corporates (panda bonds). The licence covers all debt instruments such as medium term notes, commercial paper, private placement and asset-backed notes.

This is the most comprehensive underwriting licence to be granted to a foreign bank. Deutsche Bank is one of two foreign banks operating in China to receive approval for this licence. Deutsche Bank is already licensed as lead underwriter for sovereign, quasi-sovereign and financial issuers. China’s bond market has reached a size of CNY 93.2 trillion, or ca €11.8 trillion equivalent, as of 2 September 2019.

Deutsche Bank chief executive officer Asia Pacific and member of the Management Board, Werner Steinmueller, said: “Deutsche Bank has been an enduring partner for China’s economic and financial development since 1872, enabling investment and trade flows between Europe and China for over a century. Today, we actively support China’s capital market development, from internationalisation of the RMB to foreign investor access to the onshore bond market, where we are one of the most active foreign banks.

“Receiving NAFMII’s approval for this Type-A Lead Underwriting Licence is testament to the strength of our onshore capabilities and our ability to connect China with the rest of the world by structuring and distributing China solutions across our global platform,” he said.

President of Deutsche Bank (China), Rose Zhu, said: “Deutsche Bank is proud to become a fully licensed foreign lead underwriter in the China interbank bond market. As a global bank with house strength in financing, debt markets and fixed income, we welcome the opportunity to widen our service offering to onshore clients through this new licence.”

Haitham Ghattas, APAC head of Capital Markets at Deutsche Bank, added: “China is a key focus of our capital markets franchise in the region. Being granted a Type A licence recognises Deutsche Bank’s leadership in the debt markets and our commitment to this business.”

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