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E-commerce cancer: buyers abandon their booking and what to do about it

The huge hidden cost for most online e-commerce stores is cart abandonment. Worryingly this is on the rise with a  near 15% rise in online abandonments since 2010 according to SaleCycle estimates. The main reasons Why people abandon their booking online*are shown in the Infographic below:

Source & Copyright©2016 - SalesCycle

Use re-marketing to catch them later

Many abandoning customers come back, after a week, a year and even after 18 months. On-site re-marketing is now used to bridging would-be abandoners back into the purchase process. For the carts already left behind, email remarking has proven to be a great way to get the users back to the cart to finish the purchase. It enables companies to reconnect with people who have recently left their sites in a personal way, to temp them back to carry on where they left off, give them additional product recommendations or even ask why they’ve left their cart.


* SalesCycle survey of respondents in 12 countries

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