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E-invoicing market guide 2012

The ‘E-invoicing market guide 2012’ from The Paypers builds on the success of the previous year’s edition. It brings together the most complete and up-to-date overview of the global e-invoicing ecosystem, mapping out ongoing initiatives, critical success factors and key insight from top experts and industry players.

The 2012 Guide includes insight from leading industry stakeholders, expert opinions from top industry analysts, examples of successful business implementations as well as an overview of existing challenges and the best strategies to address them. It aims to serve as the ultimate source of information for industry professionals looking to take stock  of the current state of the global e-invoicing and e-billing industry. But The Paypers are not very optimistic regarding the future of e-invoicing saying that “it would be dangerous to believe that high awareness equals sustainable growth of e-invoicing adoption – it most certainly does not.“

The problem is with the divide between betweenSMEs and large companies. The Paypers believe that e-invoicing market players must strive to collaborate on a much deeper scale than they currently do and achieve a level of collaboration that goes beyond bilateral cooperation (which lacks scalability) and moves across the entire spectre of services providers and solutions.

Excellent report which lists 300 suppliers e-invoicing services.

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