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Embedding payment functionality in the underlying transaction is the real revolution in payment syst

Dr Thaer Sabri, Chief Executive Electronic Money Association, in his presentation at the recent Eurofinance Conference in Monaco used Square and PayPal as examples of additional functionality being added to payment systems. He showed that the significance is in the simplicity and ease of access:

  • PayPal has enabled account holders to:
    • create invoices with their accounts, which can be imported or added manually
    • customers receive an invoice by e-mail and are presented with payment option with the invoice
    • recurring invoices and subscriptions can be automatically generated
  • Square, the card payment merchant acquiring service in the US, have added relationship building to their merchant services by enabling the merchant to recognise a returning customer, who only needs to say their name to pay.


How is your company building payment into your underlying business transaction? How are you enhancing your relationship with the integration of payments into the business transaction? This will transform your customer relationships and cut costs. P.S. This applies to B2B transactions as well as B2C.

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