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‘EMIR - a work in progress’ with a brighter future

EMIR reporting began in 2014 and has been ‘difficult’ for all concerned - corporates, banks, services providers and the repositories - as they struggled with dual reporting, ESMA’s tweaking of the standards, the differences between Europe and the USA. In this WEBchat with Neil Macro, Global Sales Director - GMS, Misys we assess the types of reporting used today; the % of corporates reporting, the need for consistency, and the incentives / penalties to report; the future of the different reporting solutions in the multi-jurisdiction world of the future.

Key timing points
0.54 How EMIR reporting is carried out
3.02 How LEI usage shows that maybe as little as 20%of corporates in Europe are reporting EMIR data
5.31 How intra-company reporting standards and practices have been overlooked
6.16 Future of companies not reporting
10.44 How mix between different reporting methods will change

CTMfile take: Regulatory reporting is here to stay and is going global. Corporates must be able to report in all jurisdictions.

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