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For free: cover exposures on ALL cross-currency pairs regardless of how small or illiquid

Most corporate treasury departments are too busy to chase the small exposures on their minor trading currencies, but these can add up to significant numbers. 

AtlasFX have found that many of their prospective clients have local currency foreign subsidiaries which create many cross currency exposure pairs on their balance sheet exposure programme, for example a typical US company could have the following exposures:

 Source & Copyright©2018 - AtlasFX

Yet these companies often ignore the cross currency pairs that are illiquid or the exposures are deemed not to be large enough to consider. Yet, if these crosses are left unhedged they can have an impact on the overall P&L.

Breaking down the cross-currency exposures with ‘Triangulation’ tool

AtlasFX’s ‘Triangulation’ tool solves this problem by breaking down the exposures for both the transaction currency and the functional currency and bringing them back to the reporting currency based pairs (USD in the above example). 

To use the free ‘AtlansFX Triangulation Tool’:

  1. go to https://tools.atlasfx.com 
  2. enter your contact details
  3. use the service for free.

What could be better value than that? It could save you much more than you expect………

Atlas FX hedging suite

These calculations are part of the AtlasFX Risk Management suite solution which uses these seven processes:

Source & Copyright©2018 - AtlasFX

CTMfile take: Worth a try at least.

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