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How to evaluate Investment Portals - internal analysis and questions to ask suppliers

An investment portal is a web-site that is dedicated to providing tradable investment opportunities. Investment portals either offer investment options from a single source, e.g. investment options just from a single financial institution or bank group, or from several different providers types.
This checklist takes the corporate treasury department through the internal decisions and analysis required before talking to investment portal suppliers, and the key questions to ask suppliers in selecting an Investment Portal.
Internal analysis actions include:
    •    Work out what are your main objectives for an investment portal, and what the end result would look like
    •    Define your current process for:
    •    List the types of investment funds and instruments by currency to be traded
    •    Decide what type of investment portal and account structure you require.
Questions to ask suppliers include:
    •    User implementation and account administration procedures, including:
    •    Trading functionality, including:
    •    Cut-off times for each type of fund and other instruments, including:
    •    Compliance functionality, including:
    •    Reports and analytics, including:
    •    Connectivity and integration functionality, including:
    •    Security and business continuity facilities, including:
    •    Customer service and support, including:
    •    Implementation, including:
    •    Charges and fees, including:
    •    Further background information required, including:
However, readers should remember that Checklists are no substitute for clear creative thought and opportunism. They are the discipline for ensuring no major factors are overlooked. In addition, because this checklist cannot be fully comprehensive, readers must expect to add questions peculiar to their business.

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