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Leibbrandt announces SWIFT departure after seven years

After seven years in the role, SWIFT CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt has notified the board of his intention to step down at the end of June 2019. Leibbrandt joined the organisation in 2005 to work on strategy. After working as head of standards and then head of marketing, he was appointed CEO in July 2012. Under his leadership, SWIFT launched its GPI initiative and Leibbrandt led the company’s response to cyber-attacks on customers. During his tenure, SWIFT’s FIN messaging volumes have nearly doubled, rising from 4.6 billion a year to nearly 8 billion, while FileAct volumes have tripled and InterAct traffic has risen sevenfold.

The press release quoted the organisation's chairman Yawar Shah, who commented: “Gottfried’s tenure has been remarkable. During his time as CEO, the industry has faced unprecedented change and challenges, but under his leadership SWIFT has transformed itself to become a much stronger, more modern and agile organisation that is now driving change across the industry. As CEO, Gottfried has ensured SWIFT remains on a sound financial footing, reinforced SWIFT’s risk and security functions; overseen an overhaul of SWIFT’s technology; dramatically modernised payments – and at the same time ensured SWIFT has responded well and wisely to threats. He has shown true foresight and leadership. The Board joins me in thanking Gottfried for his extraordinary dedication and service over the last seven years as CEO and all his time at SWIFT. We will be very sad to see him go, but wish him all the best in the future.”  

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