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Making payment factories effective - the vital stages

In the fourth workshop in the Volante Technologies Connectivity series Fiona Hamilton and Ganesh Srinisvasan  from Volante and Corning’s Bengt Elvinsson, examine:

  1. what is a payment factory
  2. the architecture of payment factories
  3. channel integration management - the transforming and integration of messages and on-boarding subsidiaries
  4. payment processing and orchestration 
  5. future of payment factories.
Key timing points
0:30 Payment factory definition
1:26 Architectural overview
7:32 Channel integration management
15.22 Payment processing and orchestration
20:43 Future of payment factories

This item appears in the following sections:
Business & Middleware Connectivity
Payments - Bill Collection
Accounts Receivable Management
Payments - Making
Accounts Payable Management

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