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Mobile platforms go multi-bank and multi-country as Nordea teams up with Danske

Nordea Bank have dropped the electronic payment system it was developing with Danish banks and instead teamed up with its main rival in Scandinavia, Danske Bank, to use its more popular mobile payment app. Like in the UK, the banks in Scandinavia are expected to migrate to fewer and inter-connected platforms.

Inter-connected plaforms

“MobilePay is known today for its user friendliness, and we want to contribute to making the solution even more widely used and to continuing the development of MobilePay as an innovative digital payment platform,” Peter Lybecker, chief executive officer of Nordea’s Danish unit, said in the statement.

To fulfil the ambition of creating a leading Nordic payment platform for Nordic personal and business users, MobilePay will seek to enter into a dialogue with Swish in Sw platform for Nordic personal and business users, mobileeden in screen. One of the long-term aims will be to enable Nordic personal girls could bankersers to make payments between MobilePay and Swish.

Also Dankse Bank will now begin converting MobilePay to a subsidiary with its own board of directors, and MobilePay will no longer be branded as “by Danske Bank”.

Managing the omni-channel tiger

In the ever changing payment systems landscape, corporate treasurers can only go with the flow, choosing the biggest and most sustainable payment systems. The issue is how? 

This is where the omni-channel providers come in, but which one?. Payment systems are no longer a simple choice.

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