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ModusLink adds P4 Solutions’ SEPA Direct Debit Processing System to its Network

ModusLink, (formerly CMGI Inc.) a US company that provides supply-chain management services to global technology and software companies across its worldwide operations, have added P4’s SDD Solution to their network in North America, Mexico, Europe and Asia,

P4 Direct Debit eManadate Solution

The eMandate tool included in the SEPA Direct Debit Processing solution provides additional capability, making it possible to perform an e-mandate virtually in a secure manner. This includes risk management, a white-label payment page for the online customer with authentication features (signature, SMS, PIN-TAN, email and quality call), transaction processing with the bank, and management of the various e-mandates on a secure server. The tool also manages format reconciliation, and bank file generation.  

“The P4 Solution offers our global online merchants the possibility to be SEPA-ready from day one,” said Andre Malinowski, Director Financial Management Solutions at ModusLink. “With all its benefits and extensive security features, the P4-Solution helps our clients increase their reach and potential conversion across Europe. This is a strategic addition to our financial management offering and the P4 Solutions tool compliments our mission to simplify the complexities of global financial management for our e-commerce clients.” 

CTMfile take: Several Virtual direct debit eMandate processing services are now available. You don’t have to wait for the MyBank solution. And there are more solutions in development.

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