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Multi-Bank Integrator from The B2 Group improves corporate-to-bank connectivity

There are three reasons why the problem of managing and connecting to banks is a growing. One, corporates are now starting to increase the number of banks they work with to give themselves alternatives in managing bank counterparty risk. Two, as corporate treasury departments centralise into regional or global operations, they are having to cost-effectively manage their connectivity to 10s or 100s of banks. And third, corporate treasury departments are increasingly managing their global/regional global cash positions on a near real-time basis. Multiple bank connectivity is becoming critical for corporate treasury departments to have full visibility of their cash and be able to make and receive payments efficiently. The latest in a growing range of connector services is launched today.

B2 Multi-bank Integrator

The B2 Group’s Multi-Bank Integrator service-uses all their two decades of knowledge and experience in connecting banks to corporate clients, to provide corporates with the latest technologies to cost-effectively connect to and manage their banks world-wide. The new B2 Multi-Bank Integrator service, as the figure below shows, provides a single conduit from the corporate’s ERP and treasury management system to the banks’ Host-To-Host (H2H) channel or via SWIFT to access their reporting and payment services.

Source & Copyright©2016 - The B2 Group

Up-To-The-Minute Cash Visibility

B2 Multi-Bank Integrator delivers the latest closing positions and even intra-day movements as your accounts are credited and debited. (It also shows when a bank has not reported.) Positions are shown in both local currency, and/or the chosen reserve currency for consolidated positions across accounts, banks, subsidiaries or any other groupings you may require, as real-time console, see screenshot:

Source & Copyright©2016 - The B2 Group

Payment control

The B2 Multi-Bank Integrator engine automatically and seamlessly sends payments from the in-house systems to the user’s banks, the Multi-Bank Console gives real-time visibility of all transactions, from high-level overviews down to the details of each individual transaction, see figure below:

Source & Copyright©2016 - The B2 Group

Speedy connection and control

With B2 Multi-Bank Integrator B2 corporates are able to connect to their banks in days rather than weeks and months. As well as having a ’total’ audit trail, protecting the treasury function from any retrospective claims. Phil Boland, CEO at The B2 Group, believes that, “The new B2 Multi-Bank Integrator offers corporates a one-stop-shop solution to banking integration, providing seamless integration between the TMS or ERP and any bank system, whilst enabling a level of real-time cash visibility and payments control previously precluded by cost, time and effort.”

CTMfile take: B2 Multi-Bank Integrator is an important example of the new connector services for the corporate treasury department that bring ease of use combined with improved cash visibility and payment/collection control.

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