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New CTMdirectory - makes browsing for products and services a delight

Corporate treasury departments are always looking for new ways to solve their day-to-day operational problems and finding advice on how to tackle many different issues, e.g. whom could solve this? But with 1000s of potential suppliers out there, where do I look? Which suppliers really understand my problem? 


Today CTMfile launches - CTMdirectory - (click Directory TAB on CTMfile Home Page) a new way to present your products and services to the 1,000s of viewers who look at 20,000+ pages on CTMfile every month. Our new Directory presents a wall of the suppliers on CTMdirectory, and when the mouse passes over a supplier a  Hover Page appears with the vital information:

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Suppliers can take a more comprehansive package in the Full Directory Page to be able to give much more information than in the Hover Page including a profile of the company, more detail about their services, key differentiators, and the main types of user.


Some features of a supplier’s services are much more effectively explained with a presentation and or a demo, so a key part of the CTMdirectory is the Demo feature (click Demos TAB on CTMfile Home Page) which enables suppliers and advisers to include demos or decks to explain what they do.

Subscription service

CTMdirectory is an annual subscription service in which each subscriber is given an account on CTMfile with an ID and password for one of the four annual packages. Subscribers choose a package they want to start with, and can later upgrade to more in-depth packages during the year if needed.

Having their own account means that throughout the year subscribers can alter their message whenever they need to, and can also upgrade their package to more detailed packages, if they want to add more detail or add a demo or a presentation to their marketing message.

View count

The account page in the Full Directory Page package and all demos offer a count of the number of views the item has received, to give subscribers an indication of the poplarity of their page or demo.

Search function

Users can search by Category and/or Keyword in all areas of CTMdirectory and CTMdemos to ensure they just foucs on the revelant suppliers.

CTMfile take: All corporate treasurers we have shown this to have said, “I wish I’d had this last week, month, etc. when I was looking for….” All this for an annual scription of £100-£400 (+VAT if applicable) is, as several suppliers have said, “It is a no brainer, it is just which package.” Go to: to Sign Up.

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