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On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave me the key questions for 2016:

The key questions, for the difficult and bumpy year 2016 is bound to be, are:

  • is your current purpose of the corporate treasury department, e.g. being a business partner with rest of group, still appropriate?
  • most corporate treasury departments provide a range of support services for other units and departments in the group/company, so: How are you going to create and keep customers for your services?*
  • how are you going to help to protect your group from the global economic turbulence and possible crashes in the emerging markets in 2016^, and the next EUR crisis?
  • what are you happy with in your systems, processes, and services, i.e. not going to change?**
  • what new services are needed to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the group?
  • how will you optimise payments and collections across all the old and the new payment channels?
  • how are you going to manage the pressures and demands from senior management to outsource functions in your corporate treasury department?
  • what actions are you going to undertake to minimise fraud and cyber breaches in your department and in the group as a whole?
  • who are you going to partner with to minimise the Know Your Customer and digital identity administration overhead?
  • how are you going to minimise supplier risk from banks/FIs and other suppliers, e.g. TMS suppliers, SWIFT bureaux, etc.? 
  • how are you going to optimise financing of all parties and functions in your supply chains?
  • how are you going to: 1) avoid slipping back into bad working capital management habits and instead, 2) continue to improve WCM practices?
  • what is the single most important task that must be completed in 2016 and why***?


^ The prognosis for our zero-rate economy? | C&TM File

* Source of original idea: Peter Drucker

** Source of original idea: Jonathan Traer-Clark, BofA Merrill 

*** A clear answer to why will tell you a lot about your group and department.

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