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Paymode-X® Network, which combines invoice, payment and remittance delivery, surpasses 200,000 vendo

Bottomline Technologies announced at the AFP Conference that its business-to-business settlement network, Paymode-X, has surpassed 200,000 members actively submitting and approving invoices AND using the simple electronic payment process for automated debiting/credit and remittance delivery:

Source & Copyright©2012 - Bottomline Technologies

Bottomline Technologies believe that Paymode-X network growth is due to the many benefits it provides to both payers and vendors. Payers accelerate the conversion of paper to electronic payments and optimize working capital. Vendors enjoy predictability of cash flow, unlimited digital remittance information and a streamlined receivables process.

Paymode-X has an established community of enrolled members representing a cross-section of industries: healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, real estate, wholesale and retail trade, consumer and business services, public administration and more. Paymode-X is increasing its global scope and already used to make payments in 30 countries in 23 currencies.

It is the combination of invoice + payment and remittance delivery that is so important and disruptive. One day - a long time in the future - all business transactions will be made this way.

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