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Salesforce joins US Mastercard small business programme

Mastercard has announced that Salesforce has joined its US small business programme, as an additional partner ib delivering critical solutions to the small business space. Whether it’s accelerating revenue by finding new customers or better managing customer engagement, the Salesforce benefits - now available across Mastercard Business and Mastercard Business World Elite offerings in the US - are designed to help small business owners "boost their daily hustle", according to the payments firm.

“Every business is different. Small business owners seek freedom and flexibility. However, they need tailored platforms and services that help them enhance how they run their business and address their individual needs,” said Ginger Siegel, head of small business, Mastercard. “We are excited to further build on our small business benefit programme together with partnerships like Intuit and Itemize, and now Salesforce, to deliver digital solutions that meet the needs of small business owners today and grow with them in smart, innovative and efficient ways tomorrow.”

Mastercard Business Card customers can now access Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution through Salesforce Essentials, an app that includes sales and customer support tools built specifically for small businesses for $9.99/user/month with quick setup. This offer is only applicable for new Salesforce Essentials customers purchasing annual subscription.

In addition to the new Salesforce offering, Mastercard’s small business programme includes access to Intuit’s QuickBooks and TurboTax, a 24/7 Business Assistant, Mastercard ID Theft Protection, Mastercard Easy Savings, Cell Phone Insurance and Mastercard Receipt Management powered by Itemize, which is officially available to download and activate for free using a valid Mastercard Small Business card in the Apple and Android app stores.

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