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TMS roundup: Visual Risk, Salmon, Reval new installations; vendor market changes

Over the last couple of couple of months, TMS suppliers have announced several implementations of their systems showing how they are having a growing impact on business practices, and as they react to the reduced number of TMS suppliers.

New installations
Recent announcements include:

  • Visual Risk has recently partnered with KPMG’s Australian practice to support their treasury risk advisory service. KPMG will use Visual Risk to analyse their client exposures and hedging transactions and track and report on these transactions. Complex tasks managed within the system include hedge accounting, sensitivity analysis and credit valuation adjustments. Having successfully implemented the solution for over 32 clients so far including KPMG’s internal treasury, KPMG is looking forward to growing the advisory service and sharing the technology with other clients.
  • Salmon Software has been installed by the Arqiva to cope with the growing complexity of their business as they manage the scale and compexity of their refinancing and the new swaps programme
  • Reval has been selected by:
    • Nissan Australia, for their Treasury and Risk Management. "By integrating treasury and risk management on one platform, Reval´s SaaS TRM solution will provide Nissan with a holistic view of our overall financial status and exposures, enabling us to better support our significant business growth," says Peter Jones, Managing Director and CEO at Nissan Motor Co. Australia.
    • Derivative Path to provide their outsourced hedge accounting service to its regional and community bank clients. 

Providing more functionality
As the TMS vendor market contracts due to consolidation, current market players are adapting to the new market environment by extending the functionalities of corporate ERPs and increasing their product base, according to Enrico Camerinelli, analyst at consultancy Aite Group. Camerinelli notes in a new report: ‘TMS For Corporations: An Update’, that these advances will allow corporate treasurers to access and execute both basic functions—like cash management, debt and funding, and risk management—and more advanced functions for strategic decision-making—like advanced predictive analytics.

As the TMS market consolidates and shrinks, vendors are specializing based on customer base. SunGard AvantGard now offers three advanced TMS products—Quantum (Enterprise Edition), Integrity (Corporate Edition), and Treasury XE (SaaS)—and Wallstreet Systems, similarly, has products aimed at both high- and low-end treasury management operations. Different levels of TMS allow corporate treasurers to choose which systems work best for their goals and company interests.

Accessibility is the key to the TMS market transformation, says Camerinelli. SaaS-based services are popular as choosing only needed functions and using cloud computing both reduce IT support costs.

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