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Top 10 market structure trends to watch in 2017

A report by Greenwich Associates says many of the most important changes in financial market structure in 2017 will be driven by two disruptive factors: technology and Trump.

Some of the trends noted in the report are:

  • the 'Trump bump' will continue to boost financial markets and the incoming administration will move aggressively to “right size” capital markets regulation;
  • a full repeal of Dodd-Frank is not expected, but there are other, potentially radical, changes such as a softening of the Volcker Rule, a revamp or even repeal of Reg AT, increased scrutiny of Reg NMS, a dramatic slowdown in the move toward public reporting of US Treasury trades, and a complete reassessment of the SEC’s ill-fated ticket pilot;
  • blockchain will move from proof of concept to reality;
  • cloud computing will become so pervasive that it will soon be known simply as 'computing';
  • electronic trading will continue to expand in fixed income, and principal trading firms will start leveraging their sophisticated internal platforms by selling technology, providing custom liquidity streams and allowing buy-side firms to completely outsource their trading desks.

The report's author, Greenwich Associates' Kevin McPartland, says: “Of course, President Trump will have no influence on one of the biggest regulatory events in global capital markets: the on-going implementation of MiFID II in Europe.”

Read more in the full article here.

CTMfile take: Some will find this top-10 list reassuring in that it focuses very much on practical developments in technology and financial markets. In any case it is worth a read.

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