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Using Deutsche Bank‘s FX4Cash platform to collect receivables

Deutsche Bank's FX4Cash platform handles Outbound and Inbound payments. The FX4Cash Receivables functionality (see Figure) has been available since 2009 and now handles 40 currencies.

FX4Cash Receivables

Source & Copyright©2012: Deutsche Bank

Customers signing up for FX4Cash Receivables are assigned a unique FX4Cash Receivables Account ID, e.g. F4R-1234567. This is not an actual DDA it is an identifier maintained under a special DB London account, BIC - DEUTGB2LF4R. Normally, there is a single F4R Account ID regardless of the actual currency DDAs maintained by the client. Eligible transactions are wire payments received for the credit of an FX4Cash Receivables Account ID. At set up the customer chooses how they want their incoming funds converted.

The remittance instructions are the same for all currencies:

Pay to <Client Name> account ID F4R-1234567 with DEUTGB2LXX

FX4Cash is currently used by many corporate clients world-wide for collecting receivables.

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