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Volante Technologies launches ‘SWIFT Funds Migration Accelerator’

Volante Technologies, a global leader in the provision of innovative financial data integration tools, today launched its ‘SWIFT Funds Migration Accelerator’ which is designed to increase firms’ readiness to support ISO 20022 funds message types.

In November 2015, SWIFT will remove the ISO 15022 funds message templates from SWIFTNet.  The 2015 end-migration date, mandated by SWIFT is supplemented by a programme of financial disincentives currently being incurred by firms who continue to use ISO 15022.  For non-ISO 20022-compliant firms, penalties and increased message costs are only set to continue to impact margins. 

The ‘SWIFT Funds Migration Accelerator’ is an off-the-self product which includes pre-defined structures of the SWIFT MT and MX (ISO 20022) message types, with embedded network validation and bi-directional transformation rules.  These rules accurately mirror the SWIFT User Handbook mapping specifications and are designed to ease implementation into the existing workflows.  The Accelerator includes a number of generic adaptors such as XML, CSV and Fixed-Width, to enable proprietary mapping by implementing organizations.   

Volante’s Accelerator is fully documented and provides automatic browser-based html navigable specifications that include not only the source and target of the data structure, but also the mapping validation, enrichment and routing logic.  This provides the flexibility to either automatically convert new messages, or adapt in-house by users operating within the funds industry such as distributors, transfer agents, registrars, custodians and other relevant funds industry participants.  The Accelerator parallels the temporary coexistence rules implemented by SWIFT for the restriction in the size and content of MX messages. 

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