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Environment, Social, Governance


Sustainable and green strategies have never been more important to corporate financial health. In the Internet age, when reputations can be built and ruined at viral speed, companies are under more…

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Environment, Social, Governance

Islamic bond issuance is growing despite market jitters

The issuance of global Islamic financial instruments has more than trebled in the past decade but many challenges remain, including liquidity. Could this market interest corporate treasurers?

Environment, Social, Governance

How Europe will achieve its green financial future

The European Commission has outlined its strategy for a green financial system, with targets for low carbon, resource-efficient and sustainable investments for businesses and in financial markets

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

4 ways to make sure corporate assets generate revenue

Managing corporate assets efficiently is a key factor for overall business success, enabling companies to adapt successfully to changing markets and evolving business models

Environment, Social, Governance

Top 100 companies reach record $17.4 trillion market cap

The biggest 100 corporates and banks globally have increased their market capitalisation by 12 per cent ($1,861 billion), in the past year, to reach a record $17.4 trillion, according to research by PwC

Environment, Social, Governance

Do you have the 6 qualities that make a finance leader?

A survey by SAP and Oxford Economics looks at six practices that boost business performance and efficiency, as well as governance, risk and compliance (GRC) effectiveness across the company

Environment, Social, Governance

The cost advantage when supply chains get shorter

Being able to respond quickly to changing markets and cutting logistics costs in the supply chain has become a key consideration for companies who are keeping their supply chains short

Environment, Social, Governance

How much does ethical banking matter to you?

If one of your relationship banks was investing unethically or involved in a banking scandal, would your company end its relationship with that bank?