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0% Risk to You - 100% Risk to Us. It’s Time For A New Approach to Recruitment

Mike Richards, who is one of the best in the treasury recuritment business, starts his rant with:

“Do you know what?

We do a great job at recruiting Treasury professionals. I work in a niche industry that means lower volumes of activity so we don’t benefit from the repeat assignments and volume of positions that many generalist recruiters have access to.

That makes it harder but I love treasury recruitment and the intellectual challenge makes it more interesting!

We target candidates and clients and that costs us research time, effort and money. That has to be paid for us to give a great service and this is what we want to do!

We participate in treasury conferences in Europe and the USA this costs us money and subsequently is a real pressure when we are being asked to flex our fees.

Yet I am constantly being asked by HR and procurement departments to agree to 18%, 15% maybe 12% fees….really..... 

I always hear:

'Mike our other guys on our PSL have agreed to work at cheap rates.’
You are at 30% for the senior roles and 25% for the junior roles'

He continues, “ Yes I am! As that is what it costs us to recruit people for you!”

Mike’s rant finishes, explaining what is involved in treasury recruiting and their charging structure. He ends with, “If you are a potential client or candidate then please call me!” 

They will be in no doubt as to how the recruiting business works and what is needed to recruit the ‘right’ staff.

CTMfile take: One of the best sales rants. (Read the full rant here.)

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