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Bank Services Billing is making global progress

The Bank Services Billing Newsletter December 2017 has just been published, see. As always it contains important information on the progress of BSB world-wide.

The Bank Survey Results

The newsletter reports that:

  • There are two main versions of the BSB file: 
    • the TWIST BSB V 3.1
    • the newest iteration, the ISO 20022 camt.086.

There were 13 correspondents:

Source & Copyright©2017 - BSB Committee


  • The main differences between the EDI files traditionally provided in the USA and the international BSB file are the addition of multiple currencies and the reporting of taxes.
  • In Germany, a working group of “Die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft” (German Banking Industry Committee) is currently working on a camt.086 format specification for the German market.

Vendor BSB survey

The vendor survey was published in the January 2017 issue has been updates with Kyriba data which is now included in the list of fintech companies, now numbering 8, providing applications with BSB related functionality for corporations and/or banks.
Source & Copyright©2017 - BSB Committee

'What next?' article

An important article from Karen Hendricks, Weiland BRM Prod-uct Manager, Fiserv gives advice on how to use BSB files and formats: A BSB File is Finally Available from My Bank…Now What?!?

CTMfile take: The December 2017 newsletter is full of information, contacts and advice. Invaluable as always, download here.

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