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‘Cash, Trade and Treasurer’s Handbook for The Americas - 2013’

The fifth edition of HSBC’s of Cash, Trade and Treasurer’s Handbook for The Americas provides the essential country profiles to the four countries in North America - Canada, Mexico, USA and Bermuda - and the 19 countries in Central and South America, and eight articles from HSBC.

HSBC articles

The first part of the guide contains articles from key members of HSBC’s staff on:

  • Economic landscape - 1 article: ‘Internationalisation as a growth strategy’
  • Working capital management - 2 articles on re-engineering payment process, and on globalising corporate liquidity structures
  • Technology - 2 articles on mobile payments and big data
  • Cross-border - 3 articles on managing risk, risk mitigation strategies for international business and managing growth risks.

Although these articles, some of which have published elsewhere, are of interest, they leave the reader wanting more detail. What is missing are case studies of how companies carried cash and treasury management in North America and Latin America. These two regions have very different problems and opportunities, at least one case study from each would have made this essential guide even more useful.  

WWCP country profiles

The second part of ‘Guide to the Americas’ contains the WWCP Ltd country profiles. These provide general background to the country, government, legal and regulatory framework, taxation, banking  - major banks etc, payment instruments, payment systems, cash management, electronic banking, trade finance, useful contacts (in some countries this list is invaluable), and, of course - since they are the sponsors, HSBC contacts. 

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