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Citi Commercial Cards launch intelligent virtual agent

Citi Commercial Cards has launched an intelligent virtual agent (IVA) capability within its call centres in the US, leveraging technology from Interactions, a conversational AI company. The introduction of the IVA is part of Citi Commercial Cards overall strategy to invest in technology that will provide a better digital servicing experience for its clients.

The IVA solution leverages Interactions’ Adaptive Understanding technology, which provides a blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time human understanding to provide what the bank describes as the highest level of modernised customer care. With the support of humans, the IVA leverages advanced conversational AI to understand languages, accents and dialects as well as to make sense of a customer’s word choice and the respective intent based on the context of the call.  With the implementation of the IVA, Citi’s Commercial Card cardholders can speak in their own words and be understood without concern for background noise.

“Citi Commercial Cards is committed to providing our clients with innovative solutions, and the introduction of the intelligent virtual agent demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation,” said Gonca Latif-Schmitt, global head of Citi Commercial Cards. “We are pleased to work in partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) leader Interactions to implement this cutting-edge solution.”

The IVA leverages predictive technology as part of its machine learning capabilities, meaning that it will continue to learn over time and become more intuitive with every client that it interacts with. Furthermore, the technology has a capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding, essential when providing customer service to clients.

“The ability to integrate natural language processing technology into our customer service offerings allows Citi to deliver a consistent, fast and still personalised client experience,” commented Karen Young, North American head of Client Operations at Citi Commercial Cards. “We know the importance of cardholders’ preference for rapid self-service. From our pilot, we’ve seen that the implementation of the intelligent virtual agent provides our clients with enhanced customer satisfaction.”

Citi Commercial Cards’ call centres will continue to be staffed with live agents in the event it is the cardholders’ preference to speak with a live agent. The combination of the intelligent virtual agent and live agents is designed to provide cardholders with the best combination of customer service offerings.

“Citi is paving the way in the Commercial Card space by introducing the intelligent virtual agent in its call centres,” said Mike Iacobucci, CEO of Interactions. “The intelligent virtual agent is designed to deliver a truly conversational customer experience, and will ensure that Citi can engage in productive, open ended conversations with its clients.”

The solution is being deployed in the US for specific call types, with additional call types in other regions to follow.


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