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FRIDAYclub: How to use treasury technology more effectively

The FRIDAYclub discussion on 10th with David Kelin, Director, View Point Nine Ltd; Bas Rebel, Senior Director, PwC; Adrian Rodgers. Director, ARC Financial Solutions Ltd, focused on ‘How to use treasury technology more effectively’. The main topics covered were:

  • bank services v. TMS and specialist services:
    1. how to remain bank independent with some key messages for banks as to what technology and services corporates want from their banks
    2. what is the best combination technologies and suppliers with banks having a very specilist and limited role
  • how to implement enterprise treasury across the company or group for:
  1. cash flow forecasting - varying views here to to tackle the problem
  2. cash visibility - all agreed that less than 100% visibility is a failure as far as corporate treasury departments are concerned.

AND hear David’s, Bas’s and Adrian’s choice of the most interesting idea/insight they have come across in the last couple of weeks.

View the FRIDAYclub WEBchat video below or listen to podcast here or on iTunes

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