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Industry roundup: 15 December

Omikron and TIPCO establish payments services partnership

TIPCO has made the decision to add payments services to its treasury information platform, TIP. To do so, the company has brought Omikron on board as an established payment services provider, with experience working with both corporates and banks through its MultiCash electronic banking system.

“Over the last years, we have consistently developed and extended TIP into a fully-fledged treasury management system," said Alexander Fleischmann, responsible for partner management at TIPCO. "Until now, payment services had been an exception. Our partnership with Omikron closes this gap and is in keeping with our philosophy of offering our clients the best solution in every area of treasury. Thanks to the fully automated interaction between TIP and MultiCash Transfer, we have now created a seamless, integrated solution which enables corporates to efficiently, securely and cost-effectively organise their group-wide payments based on all well-established communication standards.”

“Real-time processing and digitalisation are shaping the future of payment services," commented Gregor Opgen-Rhein, senior sales consultant and responsible for the partnership at Omikron. "Holistic business processes require integrated systems. For mid-sized corporates, this is often about taking their first steps towards digitalisation, but large corporates with international operations also have a pressing demand for improving efficiency and transparency still further. The TIPCO and Omikron solutions complement each other in many areas, providing an ideal fit. Working together, we can take a holistic approach to our clients’ business processes.”

The two companies outlined the following benefits for corporates that the partnership offers:

  • Concentrated expertise: Together, Omikron and TIPCO offer more than 50 years of experience in designing and implementing treasury solutions for corporates of all sizes: from SMEs to major multinationals.
  • Seamless integration: The solution delivers a seamless, secure and automated interaction for payments between your Internal systems, such as ERP and HR, TIP and MultiCash Transfer.
  • One-stop shop: Benefit from the best-in-breed approach of an ideally integrated solution from two leading providers. At the same time, your contractual partner and main point of contact during and after the project is and remains TIPCO.


Hedge Trackers launches end-to-end FX risk management software

Hedge Trackers, a provider of accounting, consulting and software services to protect clients against financial risk, has released new advancements to CapellaFX. The company says this makes it the first FX risk management software that integrates the entire hedge programme workflow.

With CapellaFX, finance teams can now manage the full lifecycle of their foreign currency risk, from exposure to disclosure, in one platform. Everyone involved in the FX risk management process - from treasurers and accountants to reporting managers and CFOs - can contribute to and work from the same, single source of truth. 

“The foreign currency risk management process is traditionally time intensive, error-prone and manual, with little visibility into exposures, historical data and hedge performance," said Helen Kane, founder and CEO of Hedge Trackers. "Without CapellaFX, financial teams have to piece together immature, lackluster solutions to get the work done. CapellaFX not only centralises the entire hedge workflow but also arms professionals with the technical expertise they need to make better decisions - and deliver the insight their CFO has been waiting for.”

The company says that the deep technical expertise codified into the system helps corporates achieve the following:

  • Streamline exposure collection and forecast updates.
  • Manage hedge accounting and ASC 815 compliance.
  • Create accurate external reporting for auditors and performance reporting for CFOs.

Users of the solution can leverage Hedge Trackers’ US-based, in-house derivative accountants for support, virtual training or consulting services, giving them the tools they need to put well-strategised hedge programmes in place and stay current with ever-changing regulatory protocols.


Danske Bank partners with AltaPay to boost payment transformation

Danske Bank is partnering with AltaPay to assist its business customers, particularly those in the retail sector. The partnership means that Danske Bank’s business customers will soon gain access to payment technology and processing, which will help merchants receive payment from their customers across Europe both online and in-store across Europe.

As technology and alternative payment methods continue to play an increasingly critical role in every aspect of e-commerce and every point of sale, the Danske Bank Group and AltaPay are confident that the partnership will accelerate the development of smart and durable products and services. 

“We believe in technological innovation, value-adding, data-driven processes and most of all, in providing the customer with the best payment solution - making payments less complicated for everyone," commented Christian Rasmussen, founder and CEO of AltaPay A/S. "Our partnership with Danske Bank enables us to take our technology to new merchants and new markets, and thus to take less complicated payments to a higher level.”

"As two companies committed to innovation and the creation of customer-focused solutions, we are excited about the many advantages this partnership can offer our customers and are therefore extremely pleased to embark on this journey," added Niels Bang-Hansen, head of Business Banking, Denmark at Danske Bank.

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