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Q4 2018 FX negative impacts continue to rise, particularly for Europeans

The FiREapps currency report shows that negative currency impact continues to increase, and now stands at $38.85 billion

Source & Copyright©2019 - FiREapps 

FiREapps report that:

  • As we saw last quarter, negative currency impacts to European companies have been on the rise. Q4 2017 continues that trend, as the quantified negative currency impact reached $6.79 billion for European multinationals - an increase of $2.52 billion over last quarter and the largest negative impact reported since Q3 2015
  • For North American corporations, the amount of quantified negative currency impact continues to stay under the $1.5 billion mark, after reported negative impacts dropped from $6.71 billion in Q2 2017 to $1.01 billion in Q3 2017. However, North American multinationals did see a slight increase in impacts during Q4 2017, with reported negative FX impacts being roughly $30 million higher than what was reported last quarter.
  • The most volatile G20 currencies as weighted by GDP percentage were:
  • EUR was the most impactful currency for American companies, and for European companies, it was the USD
  • Still, 53% of European companies and 62.5% of North American companies do not quantify the impact of FX on their business.

CTMfile take: What will be the impact of Brexit on this picture as we approach March 29th? Any optimistic views in CTMfile readers?

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