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SWIFT & Accenture show path to Distributed Ledger Technology in financial services

SWIFT have published a joint paper with Accenture on how Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) could be used in financial services. The paper is based on an in-depth technology assessment of DLT usage across financial institutions, highlighting the opportunities as well as the challenges for industry wide adoption. 

As a result of the technology assessment, SWIFT and Accenture identified gaps between existing DLT solutions and industry requirements, including eight critical factors that need to be addressed for the technology to achieve industry-wide adoption Their assessment of the current maturity in these critical areas is shown below :

Source & Copyright©2016 - SWIFT 

The paper also highlights SWIFT’s research and development plans to build technical, operational and business capabilities with a view to evolve its platform so that DLT-based services could be offered, when the technology matures and business use cases emerge across multiple verticals.

Copy of report and SWIFT’s position on DLTs

For more information about SWIFT’s position on DLTs and to download a copy of the paper, please click here.

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