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Ten essential cash and treasury management questions for August 2016

Here are CTMfile’s top 10 questions for August to ponder as you work and/or relax:

  1. Brexit:
    • Do you have enough flexibility in your hedging strategies to cover what is likely to occur?
    • Which jurisdiction are your partners headquartered in – and how will it be impacted by Brexit? †
    • Which jurisdiction do the partners have operations in – and again what is the impact of Brexit? †
    • What nationality and right-to-work do key stakeholders in the partner’s business have – will this be changing as a result of the change in the UK’s status? †
    • Are there specific legal or documentation issues in contracts with the partner that may be impacted by the Brexit? What national law was the contract framed under? †
    • Is the partner considering making significant changes to its own business model as a result of Brexit?†
  2. Is your corporate treasury structure appropriate for today’s market and regulatory conditions?*
  3. Is your treasury adequately staffed to meet your growing responsibility and demand?*
  4. Do you have the appropriate systems? What is missing? What is it costing your group not to have them? 
  5. Does your department have the appropriate corporate treasury experience and training?*
  6. Is your treasury budget sufficient to meet the current and expected demands?*
  7. Do you know what is the true benefit the group of getting your cashflow forecasting right?*
  8. Are investment strategies aligned to exploit the maximum advantage group wide?*
  9. How could fraud prevention improve your bottom line? - see here
  10. How can you use third party KYC services to minimise time taken to open new accounts and minimise regulatory impact? - see here.

† See here.

* See here.

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