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Cash Flow Management & Forecasting


The basic objective of cash flow management is to understand and minimize the cost of processing and managing cash flows both externally with other companies and organizations and internally…

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Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Netting workshop, Stockholm 14 May 2013

Coprocess are giving a Netting Workshop on the benefits and savings from Multi-lateral Netting with presentations from users - Autoliv AB and Lantmånnen.

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Using rolling forecasts to eliminate annual budgets

Many organizations are finding better ways to plan and control by eliminating budgets and replacing them with a series of more effective processes. Steve Player, Program Director, Beyond Budgeting Round Table, North

Cash & Liquidity Management

Citi expands Express Wire Asia program with dedicated India Desk

Citi announced today that it was further extending its US Dollar Express Wire for Asia services by launching Express Wire India Desk. The new service helps streamline the execution of US Dollar payments by sending t

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Coprocess SA adds reconciliation to their netting system

Coprocess SA have launched Version 3 of their netting system. This new version adds a Reconciliation Module on to the existing netting platform to allow corporates to use the system both for Intercompany Netting and

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Cash planning and forecasting with Unit4’s OCRA

An alternative to the stand-alone cash flow forecasting systems is to use the cash planning and forecasting modules in the group accounting and financial control packages.

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Prophix launches Version 10 R2

PROPHIX 10 R2 was launched this month. This new version of the Prophix corporate performance management solution which integrates

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Payment factories - key lessons

At the Eurofinance Conference in Rome there were several presentations on payment factories which showed key features of effective payment factories.

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Cash flow forecasting packages survey

In cash flow forecasting the basic tasks are to collect and consolidate the data, to develop the forecast, to review and analyse the forecast, and