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Financial Supply Chain Platforms


The trade and financial supply chain platforms provide the linkage between the buyer and their suppliers. The four types of platform have very different focus and coverage of the basic functions in…

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Trade & FSC Management

Tradeshift provides window into the supply chain

Tradeshift Risk, a platform that works a lot like LinkedIn, provides data from internal and external sources on suppliers in the supply chain, helping companies keep an eye on their counterparties.

Trade & FSC Management

The ultimate guide to supplier financing

Financing to ensure a sufficient cash supply is fundamental for every business. This guide looks at the development of financing techniques and how to find the ideal solution.

Trade & FSC Management

FSC platforms and networks: Syncada from Visa

Visa Inc. and U.S. Bancorp set up Syncada in July 2009 – a joint venture providing a business-to-business (B2B) network for corporations and governments to process and track invoices, make and receive payments aroun

Trade & FSC Management

Citi launches new trade functionality on CitiDirect BESM Mobile

Today Citi launched Trade Advisor - Mobile, new functionality, on their CitiDirect BESM Mobile platform that allows trade clients to access Trade Advisor on their mobile phones. Trade Advisor, currently available th