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Other sources of finance include:Financing the ebbs and flows of the company's business and ensuring that finance is available to support any expansion is vital to the survival of any company. To…

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How to select the right Supply Chain Finance partner

by John Perego, Supply Chain & Working Capital specialist, Perego Associates

The difference between selecting a good supply chain finance partner verses an excellent partner is, doing the right work upfront. John Perego explores some of the things to consider

Environment, Social, Governance

Islamic bond issuance is growing despite market jitters

The issuance of global Islamic financial instruments has more than trebled in the past decade but many challenges remain, including liquidity. Could this market interest corporate treasurers?


Which Supply Chain Finance program is right for you?

by John Perego, Supply Chain & Working Capital specialist, Perego Associates

With the rise in popularity of supply chain finance it is important to be able to determine which of the many solutions best suits you, John Perego explores the options

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

4 ways to make sure corporate assets generate revenue

Managing corporate assets efficiently is a key factor for overall business success, enabling companies to adapt successfully to changing markets and evolving business models


Two key trends affecting corporate bond liquidity

A report by Greenwich Associates looks at changes in investor behaviour in the fixed-income markets, which are being transformed by e-trading and improved liquidity intelligence